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You might think the increasing regulations and privacy measures would have brought down the number of financial fraud cases. Instead, financial fraud is on the rise. With an increasing number of elderly on the verge of retirement with high value assets, fraudsters tend to target them. In some cases we have no control as hackers access the personal account information over the internet. However, there are areas we can control, like making investment decisions. Due to the lack of knowledge about the investment options, the elderly tend to consult a stock broker for advice. With an attempt to lure them into investing, the stock brokers talk about high returns and low risks. They intentionally do not mention the risks associated with the investment and by the time the investors realize this, it is too late. The victim’s life is changed forever and their only hope is a securities lawyer who can help them recover the money.


Chris Bebel is a renowned securities lawyer and his securities law firm has enjoyed substantial amount of success in the past. He has professional knowledge and experience in securities fraud casesand will help increase your odds of success. He does not confine his law practice to securities arbitration field vis-à-vis securities fraud cases that are pursued in court.  He practices in both the areas. Chris Bebel does not guarantee success, but he guarantees to use his knowledge and skills for your case. He does not work alone; he has a team of professionals who are constantly researching and developing new tactics to help build your case. He is a published scholar and his areas of practice include financial fraud, breach of contract, securities arbitration, securities litigation and dishonest business practices. He is raising standards in the industry with his knowledge and professionalism. He has a track record of success and has anumber of scholarly articles under his name.